About Us

Our History


Proprietors, Linda and Miguel Ramirez, come from a family of Mexican restaurant owners. They opened their first restaurant in 2006 in the city of  Allen Park and named it after their youngest daughter, Angelina.

Linda’s parents, Armando and Joyce, started the family tradition by opening their first restaurant in 1965, and their children, James, Ricky, and Linda followed in their footsteps. Ricky and Joyce, currently own the Blue Margarita in Woodhaven, and James is the proprietor of Los Galanes in Detroit. This tradition is further carried on by the third-generation children, Miguel, Karina and James (Linda and Miguel’s oldest children), who also work at Angelina’s with them.

“We have always had a real family rivalry for the best tasting food,” said Linda. “Customers tell us they frequent our ‘family dining circuit,’ and we often get a message from one of my brothers stating that his salsa is better than ours.” While she admits all of their family provides fresh authentic Mexican meals at a great price, she insists that her recipes are without a doubt Downriver’s best Mexican meal choice, but she warns, “Just don’t tell my mother!”

In 2010, the Ramirez family was invited to downtown Wyandotte to take a look at a recently-vacated store front. Not really prepared to expand but seeing the potential, the group promptly renovated the facility on Biddle Avenue and painted it with bright and bold colors to enhance a festive, cheerful, and authentic Mexican dining experience. The reviews so far have been fantastic!

Angelina’s only serves the freshest, most flavorful, mouthwatering ingredients. You can expect only the highest-quality meats and produce. Both locations offer carry out specials, including fiesta trays, family party packs, and buffet options to spice up any event. All items are made fresh daily with fresh guacamole and salsa that you will be raving about for weeks!